Men also get into the menopause

The issue is addressing the causes, symptoms and effects of male menopause.

Male menopause has an onset of roughly of 40 years old. At 40 men’s bodily systems change and the major change in their testosterone levels is the start of their midlife crisis.

Male testosterone levels begin to fall when men reach the age of 40. The first symptom or sign is their lack of a morning erection. In addition, their total physical fitness that includes their physical strength as well as their ability to perform their work is also affected.

Too many men who show signs of “The Midlife Crisis” are often ridiculed. We are all faced with unexpected changes in our lives just as old atheletes are replaced by young atheletes and, often, old women are replaced by younger models.

However, many people assume that most “Midlife Crisis” events are purely psychological. That is not really the case with male menopause. The reason is that some men can be much older than 40 years old and father a child and some women past the age of 40 can bear a child.

Those discrepancies to the lack of virility and child bearing age do not mitigate the fact that at the age of 40 men go through hormonal change and male menopause is the direct result.

Among other things, it can easily happen in the male sex to psychological problems, the feeling of having to prove again, is not among the “old iron” is just as much as self-doubt. The latter may be reflected in the worst case even in physical discomfort.

Whether complaints in which a man can suffer from 40 years to lead to the reduction in testosterone levels are back, only a hormone test to clarify safe. Under certain circumstances, the doctor should this be the case, hormone therapy prescribed. This is too sick at an increased risk of prostate cancer, not be possible.

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