10 Anti Aging Tips

1. Laugh daily. Just 5 minutes of laughter a day can ease stress and strengthenthe immune system. Keep your mood elevated by surrounding yourself with those who share your positive outlook.

2. Bring a pet into your life. Animals can bring cheer and comfort into an otherwise stressful life. And Fido makes a guaranteed, all-weather exercise partner – dogs always show up for playtime!

3. Start exercising outdoors. A walk or run in the fresh air will lift your spirits and keep you healthy. Start slow and increase the pace and distance as you’re able.

4. Take time to really enjoy your food – savor each bite and you’ll feel satisfied with less. For excitement, try new recipes that incorporate exotic flavors.

5. Make having sex with that special someone a priority. Sex increases intimacy between partners and is a great form of exercise. What could be a better prescription for health?

6. Maintain and nurture close friendships. Your best friends will help lift your spirits in times of hardship.

7. Find a job that you love. Your passion may not pay much, but you can measure your success in other ways – satisfaction, motivation and pleasure. Career burnout will never be an issue.

8. Happiness is the best cosmetic. If you’re happy, it will show on your face and the results can be the same you’d get from using the most expensive anti-aging cream.

9. Enjoy a glass of wine each evening for optimal heart health. Not a wine expert? Fine. Just relax and have a glass of whatever you prefer. And don’t worry about an extra glass. Worry causes wrinkles!

10. Celebrate the successes achieved with career and family. You’ll be too busy concentrating on the positive in your life to dwell on the negative aspects of aging.

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